A Vegetarian Feast at Chacewater Market

After a fantastic evening of lobster and chips at The Old Market last month we were delighted to be invited back to Chacewater for the next evening event- a vegetarian feast. Two polar opposite suppers proved that Tony’s culinary skills and his enthusiasm for creating a comforting, community-building space (despite the British summertime weather) are genuine and refreshing.

The dish was a colourful amalgamation of veggie delights. Stuffed aubergines with walnuts and pomegranate, wild rice with chickpeas, dill and crispy onions, a delicious butternut squash, tahini and honey mash, tangy green beans and peppers, watermelon and feta, and a caraway seed flatbread. Bursting with flavour and ingenuity, this veggie supper was beautiful both to taste and to look at, and succeeded in bringing together and showcasing both local and middle-Eastern ingredients in an exciting and inspired plate of food.


Chasewater vegetarian night 2


However, the thing to praise most about these evenings at the Old Market is the unique dining style. Bringing your own ‘tools’, taking a seat at a long communal table, and collecting your super when routinely called up to the food tent: Tony’s cleverly constructed picnic-style feel is refreshing, relaxing and fun, and allows feasters to meet people, have conversations, and share an evening that feels truly Cornish.

For information about more upcoming feast evenings, or just to find out more about what The Old Market is about click here.


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