Sea Salt Differently- Cornish Sea Salt’s Simple Seasonings Range

Any friends close enough to come near my kitchen will know that I’m not the most accomplished of chefs (I can hear my mother snorting just at the thought of my describing myself as a ‘chef’). But I love food- I dream about it, write about, travel for it- and while I may not possess the most impressive knife skills, or be able to whip up a banging curry in half an hour (isn’t that what chef-boyfriends are for?) I like to think I’m pretty up-there with my general food knowledge. Most my MA was spent eating and then writing about it, and co-running a restaurant with my other half means that most of our evenings are spent talking about food, reading cookbooks or watching re-runs of Masterchef.


Cornish Sea Salt- The best water means the best salt

So, when Cornish Sea Salt asked me to try out their flavoured sea salt range I jumped at the chance. Any hack to make home-cooking just that little but easier is a winner for me, and I LOVE salt- it’s savoury over sweet any time in our kitchen. The quality of the salt is important, though, and Cornish Sea Salt is the best there is, hailing straight from the beautiful A-grade waters that surround us in the South West. It has over 60 minerals in its make-up, making a superfood that you add to every meal, and its strong saltiness means you can add less for a fuller flavour.

Salt is also pretty necessary- not just for our bodies, but for our cooking. I’m a fiend, and am often wrist-slapped for automatically delving for our pinch-pot before I’ve tasted  supper, and I’m trying my best to control my addiction and really taste what I’m eating before my automatic feedback is just ‘more salt’. That being said, sea salt is still my favourite thing in our cupboard, and Cornish Sea Salt’s Simple Seasonings range makes brightening up your home-cooking quicker, easier and tastier- so you can impress dinner guests with just a pinch. It’s also great for picnics or BBQs if you want to diversify the flavours you’re cooking with and make the preparation super simple. But after much recipe development (aka using them on everything for the last couple of months) I’ve chosen my favourite way to use each Simple Seasonings flavoured sea salt, so you too can cheat yourself one step closer to that chef life.



Make picnics more exciting with Cornish Sea Salt

That’s start with my favourite- the Salt & Peppery. It sounds simple- but Cornish Sea Salt’s blend of four peppers make this a seasoning powerhouse, and it’s great for pretty much everything you’d usually season with good old salt and pepper. My favourite way to use it is on homemade crisps- simply chop up a wrap, however big or small you like, and layer into a baking tray. Drizzle with rapeseed or olive oil, sprinkle with the Salt & Peppery and bake on a high heat for 20 minutes (or until as crispy as you like them).


Fresh & Zesty, with its tangy blend of lemon and thyme, is great with all seafood- especially prawns- and saves the hassle and waste of zesting your own lemons. I think it’s perfect for roast chicken, infusing flavour, crisping up the skin, and allowing you to skip the whole lemon-up-the-bum saga.

Okay so let’s talk about garlic. I can’t think of a dish that I don’t chuck a clove or to into, so Really Garlicky is amazing for speedy seasoning without the lingering smell on your hands. Sprinkle (liberally) over fresh salmon fillets before baking for a crispy, garlic-infused skin. Serve with tender stem broccoli and soy-sauce laced rice noodles for a tasty weeknight supper that everyone will love (and that only took you 20 minutes).


Hot & Fiery- the best for avocado on toast!

Probably the most popular of the Simple Seasonings range is the Hot & Fiery– a punch-packing blend of chillies, garlic and tomato that’s perfect for if, like me, you tend to go a little too heavy on the old chilli and end up leaving your dinner guests gasping for air. The blend of Santa Cruz chilli blend and jalapeno pepper gives an intense but balanced heat, and is perfect for your avo on toast- team with mild and creamy feta for a delicious (and speedy brunch).

This range is perfect for anyone who loves food but doesn’t always have the time for complicated cooking- with an ever-increasingly busy schedule it can be so difficult to prioritise what you eat, but with Cornish Sea Salt you can add a sprinkle of flavour to any dish, and with the handy hand-bag friendly pots they’re great for on-the-go too.

I’m always on the lookout for cooking hacks- use the hashtag #SeaSaltDifferently so I can see all your wonderful Simple Seasonings creations!


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