So now, firmly plonked on my sofa with a large glass of wine and Paolo Nutini, I’m finally writing the dreaded ‘About Me’ section.

My name is Jade- I’m a music student in sunny Falmouth, Cornwall, who created Ramajamn as a platform for everything I’ve always loved- music, travel, culture, food, exploring, hyphens- in the hope that sharing it with you will unburden me of all this artistic weight I carry around. Just kidding. Sort of.

But seriously, when you’re having so many music-based arguments in the pub, spending almost every afternoon Pinterest-wanderlusting at your desk instead of writing your dissertation (ah-em), you figure it’s about time you put it somewhere where hopefully other people will react, in any way, to the opinions you clearly value so much.

So I hope you enjoy reading about where I’ve been, why I think you should listen (or indeed, not) to this-or-that album, and looking at endless pictures of my beloved Cornwall.

‘Travel, trouble, music, art, a kiss, a frock, a rhyme- I never said they feed my heart. But still, they pass my time.’– Dorothy Parker

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